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World Refill Day on Bonaire

KRALENDIJK – 14 juni 2023

Join REFILL BONAIRE on World Refill Day 2022 – A Step Towards a Plastic-Free Bonaire

Introduction: World Refill Day, celebrated on June 16, is a global campaign urging policymakers, governments, and organizations to combat plastic pollution and promote a waste-free lifestyle. In line with this mission, REFILL BONAIRE, in collaboration with environmental partners and dedicated litter collectors worldwide, calls upon businesses, brands, and governments to actively participate in the eco-friendly practices of refilling and reusing, thereby making single-use plastics a thing of the past.

Refill Bonaire on World Refill Day: On World Refill Day, the inaugural Bonaire Blue Bottle will be presented to Deputy Kroon, officially launching Refill Bonaire. The primary goal is to reduce the usage of plastic water bottles by tourists and visitors. An informative leaflet will be distributed through resorts and hotels to educate and encourage visitors to choose refillable options. Additionally, businesses can offer their guests customized Blue Bottles with logos, promoting sustainable practices throughout their stay.

The Informative Leaflet: The leaflet showcases the reasons for choosing tap water, emphasizing the excellent quality of Bonaire’s drinking water. It also highlights the Bonaire Blue Bottle, its affordability, and the story of supporting animal and environmental welfare organizations. QR codes are provided for downloading the Refill app, featuring all participating businesses and the locations of “Free Drinking Water” stations nearby.

Supporting the Local Cause: Through collaboration with various organizations, a powerful alliance is formed to spread awareness about the initiative. Supporters have the opportunity to purchase personalized Blue Bottles, becoming visible advocates for a cleaner Bonaire, simply by choosing to drink water responsibly.

Embracing Change: In the past, the project faced challenges due to lack of involvement from stakeholders. However, times have changed, and the island now realizes the significance of reducing plastic usage. Recent bans on various single-use plastic items, enforced since June 1, demonstrate the growing awareness of the importance of sustainable practices.

The Bonaire Blue Bottle: The Bonaire Blue Bottle is a durable, stainless-steel thermos flask with a resilient soft-touch powder coating, available for a modest price of $20. You can purchase it from Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire, Mangrove Info Centre, Fundashon Kununku Kakelvers, Wild Bird Rehab Bonaire, and the Mangrove Maniacs. By supporting these organizations through your purchase, you help raise awareness among Bonaire’s visitors, making it a collective effort to achieve a plastic-free paradise.

Conclusion: Take part in REFILL BONAIRE’s eco-friendly mission on World Refill Day 2022, and contribute to the preservation of Bonaire’s pristine environment. Join hands with likeminded organizations, businesses, and individuals in the journey towards a plastic-free Bonaire, ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come. Together, we can make a difference!

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